Sonoco Australia

Headquartered in Hartsville South Carolina USA, Sonoco is a global supplier of industrial and consumer packaging and a provider of innovative packaging solutions.

Traded on the New York Stock exchange, the company has approximately 18,600 employees globally and annual sales that exceed US$4 billion.

Worldwide customers include Nestle, Selleys, Cadbury and Reckitt Benkiser to name but a few.

In Australia, Sonoco entrusts the majority of their plastic consumable manufacturer to Techno Plas, with whom they have now partnered for four years.

Problem/Customer Requirement

For a number of years, Sonoco Australia had worked with a range of injection moulding companies to source their plastic components.

Over time, reliability of supply had become a major concern. And, as such, the company elected to investigate alternate sources of manufacturer with whom it could partner to jointly attack market opportunities.

In discussing its substantial capabilities and qualifications with Sonoco, Techno Plas stressed its:
  • Advanced manufacturing capabilities that are ideally geared to high volume production.
  • Quality focused environment that mirrors Sonoco’s own stringent manufacturing and quality control culture.
  • Commercial proposal that was superior to that currently enjoyed by Sonoco. 


Action Taken/Solution Steps - by Techno Plas

  • Techno Plas carefully reviewed each product that Sonoco required them to manufacture.  A key step in this process was evaluating the condition of existing tools.
  • A managed program was put in place to ensure the hand over of manufacturing to Techno Plas, was carried out in a structured and controlled manner without interruption to Sonoco and its existing customers.
  • Individual tools and products were progressively transferred, with each product rigorously trialled to ensure quality requirements were met prior to going into full scale production.
  • Techno Plas created comprehensive documentation for each product. Copies of quality documents, including full part drawing details, raw material composition, specifications and quality inspection procedures were supplied to Sonoco for their own internal use.  
  • Continuous improvement processes were implemented which included the adoption of new quality inspection and gauging processes to assist Techno Plas and Sonoco maintain the highest levels of QA.
  • New marketing opportunities were jointly examined with strategies developed to expand the product range Sonoco offered its customer base.


Result/Outcome for Customer

  • Reliability in supply has been delivered and maintained over more than four years.
  • The ongoing relationship is underpinned by trust and open communication by both parties.